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Nothing is more intimidating than a courtroom governed by a judge. In addition to dealing with your fear of public speaking and scary-looking court police officers, you might also be worried about winning your case. Fortunately, you don't have to go into any legal situation by yourself. By working with an attorney, you can learn more about the legal process without sacrificing your own sanity. Because I want you to know what to say and do in court, I think you should read through my blog. This information can help you to know what to expect, so that you can take this new experience in stride.

A New Way To View Family

9 November 2017
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When it comes to adoption, most people are quite familiar with adults adopting children, but there is another way to use adoption that can strengthen familial bonds and signify relationships. Many people are completely unaware that adults can adopt other adults, so read on to learn more. Why would an adult wish to adopt another adult? Here are some common reasons for this fairly uncommon event: 1. You want to officially recognize a biological offspring that you had no previous knowledge of. Read More …

Making A Grand Gesture: Understanding Grandparent Rights

11 September 2017
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There's a special bond between a grandparent and a grandchild that is unique in its scope and in its unconditional love and affection. When the health and well-being of that grandchild are threatened, it can be heartbreaking, particularly when the issue is related to the parents and their inability to provide a safe home environment for that child. In the past, grandparents were forced to stand by helplessly when problems arose with the parenting of their grandchild, but now those same close relatives enjoy more rights than ever before. Read More …

Steps To Help You Manage Your Divorce

14 July 2017
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As you are considering the option of divorcing from your spouse, you may find that you are overwhelmed by the number of considerations and decisions that will have to be made. This can easily lead to issues that could lead to complications long after the final divorce paperwork is filed with the court. Have Your Attorney Update Your Will Or Estate Plan Following a divorce, you will need to make updates to the various major documents and accounts. Read More …

Watch A Lot Of Crime Shows? Don’t Let These Television Tropes Worsen Your Legal Troubles

9 August 2016
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Crime shows can be a thrilling way to spend your television time. Watching police chase the bad guys and watching detectives solve a case can be exciting. Because these shows seem to be rooted in real life, it's easy to think that everything the actors are doing is "by the book"—after all, the shows typically will employ a number of legal consultants that provide guidance on what happens in their line of work. Read More …

Important Reasons Why People Should Use A Divorce Lawyer

14 April 2016
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Are you suddenly facing an unexpected divorce situation? Were you under the impression that your marriage was fine, only to now find out that your spouse wants out? While this situation may make you feel lost and out of place, it's not uncommon for this to happen. Even if the split was more or less amicable, now is a good time to find a good divorce attorney. Here are some ways that a lawyer can help you:   Read More …