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Nothing is more intimidating than a courtroom governed by a judge. In addition to dealing with your fear of public speaking and scary-looking court police officers, you might also be worried about winning your case. Fortunately, you don't have to go into any legal situation by yourself. By working with an attorney, you can learn more about the legal process without sacrificing your own sanity. Because I want you to know what to say and do in court, I think you should read through my blog. This information can help you to know what to expect, so that you can take this new experience in stride.

Your Spouse Gave Away Marital Assets To A Lover, Now What?

21 April 2015
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When combing through records and documents during a divorce, it's not unusual to discover a spouse has been spending money on and/or giving marital assets to a lover. While you can sue the third-party for the return of those assets, it may be better and easier to file a dissipation of marital assets claim with the court. Here's more information on how this legal maneuver works. What is Dissipation of Assets? Read More …

How To Survive When Your Ex Partner Isn’t Paying Child Support

15 April 2015
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There are different steps you can take if your former partner isn't paying child support as agreed. This includes talking to him or her and getting the court to enforce the order. However, these processes take time, and your child's life won't stand still while you are going through the processes. If you need the child support payments, here are a few tips you can use to survive until you get them. Read More …