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A New Way To View Family

9 November 2017
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When it comes to adoption, most people are quite familiar with adults adopting children, but there is another way to use adoption that can strengthen familial bonds and signify relationships. Many people are completely unaware that adults can adopt other adults, so read on to learn more.

Why would an adult wish to adopt another adult?

Here are some common reasons for this fairly uncommon event:

1. You want to officially recognize a biological offspring that you had no previous knowledge of. For example, an adult presents themselves as your son or daughter, you accept them as your child, and you want to formalize your new relationship with them.

2. You wish to formalize your relationship with your previous foster child or step-child, who are now adults.

3. You want to make sure that another adult has rights to inherit property when you pass away. While adding the adult as a beneficiary to your will is a must, a legal adoption could make that provision stronger if the will were to be contested.

Bad reasons to attempt to adopt another adult

Just as there are several good reasons, you will be prevented from adopting if your motives are any of the below:

Fraud: Both parties must be fully cognizant of their actions, and there must be no suspicions of fraudulent activity. For example, one party cannot be asking the other to adopt them so that they can take advantage of that party financially. It's fine to legally recognize someone in a will, but another to trick them into adopting just for an inheritance or life insurance benefit.

Sex: The courts view the relationship between these parties to be "parent" and "child", no matter how old the adopted party is. A sexual relationship between the parties would invalidate that premise.

Other things to know

  1. While this rule can vary, in most cases the person being adopted must be younger than the person doing the adopting.
  2. Unless the adopted party is mentally incapacitated, both parties must consent to this action. In some cases, the spouse must also agree to it.
  3. The newly adopted party can legally change their name, but there is no provision forcing this change.
  4. When the adoption is finalized by the courts, a new birth certificate will be issued to the adoptee.
  5. Just as with most adoptions, there is an option to have the court records sealed.
  6. Once the adoption is final, the parental status of any previous parent, whether biological or not, is now invalidated.

Speak to a family law attorney to learn more about this unusual but perhaps useful form of adoption.