Know Your 5 Options For Divorce

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Know Your 5 Options For Divorce

16 February 2023
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Are you and your spouse ready to get a divorce? You may not even be aware that there are multiple ways to do it. While some options may be forced on you by your spouse, a couple that works together can ultimately decide how they want to handle this legal matter.

Contested Divorce

You will have a contested divorce if you are unable to come to an agreement on the terms of your divorce. Some terms that are often difficult to solve are child custody, dividing assets, spousal support, and child support. Contested matters will be taken to trial where a judge will make a final decision about them. Keep in mind that a contested divorce takes the decision out of your hands, and what the judge says is final.

Uncontested Divorce

The most affordable way to get a divorce is with an uncontested divorce. This is when you and your spouse agree to all terms of the divorce outside of court. Uncontested divorces are cheaper because you do not have the cost associated with a lengthy trial, the legal cost to have a lawyer help you through it, and they often have a short mediation process. 

No-Fault Divorce

A no-fault divorce is when each spouse does not need to prove who is at fault for causing the divorce. A couple is simply allowed to state that they want to get a divorce and go through the legal process. This allows things to be a lot more fair and simple during the divorce because there is no need for each person to prove or defend themselves about fault.

Fault Divorce

A fault divorce is the opposite of a no-fault divorce, when one person blames their spouse for causing the divorce. This can be beneficial if they feel like they deserve more from the divorce than what would otherwise be a fair split. A fault divorce is often sought out by one person in cases of infidelity or abuse because they want to use those actions to justify what they are seeking in the divorce.

Mediated Divorce

Mediation is when you work with a mediator to help come to the terms of your divorce. The mediator is a neutral third party that you meet with, rather than either spouse's lawyer that has their client's interests in mind. 

Not sure which form of divorce is best for you? Reach out to a divorce lawyer to help guide you in the process.