The Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Divorce Law Attorney

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The Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Divorce Law Attorney

26 October 2021
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When you or your spouse decide to end your marriage, you have to prepare yourself to go through the upcoming legal process. Even if you both get along fairly well with each other, you still have to protect your best legal and financial interests. 

However, you may not even be sure of what your best interests are or how to advocate for them. To ensure that your side of the case is heard fairly, you can hire an experienced attorney who practices divorce law to represent you.

Gaining Access to Your Share of Marital Assets

One of your primary best interests involves making sure you get access to your half of shared marital assets. When you and your husband jointly own property or share bank and retirement accounts, you may be entitled to half of them. Your divorce attorney can make sure that the judge grants you half of these assets and prevents your spouse from liquidating or taking full ownership of them without your permission.

Your divorce attorney can also prove that your spouse did not own those assets before you got married and that you have a legal right to half of them. With a lawyer's help, you can get half of these assets and benefit financially from them.

Changing Your Last Name

If you changed your last name to your spouse's after you got married, you may want to have your maiden name restored. However, you need to make a legal petition for the court to change it for you.

When you retain an attorney who practices divorce law, you can include the name change petition in your court case. The judge assigned to your case can restore your maiden name after the final divorce decree is issued.

Petitions for Child Support and Custody

Finally, your divorce law attorney can include petitions for child custody and support in your case. You may want to retain full custody of your children. You also may want your spouse to pay an adequate amount of child support for them. Your divorce law attorney can ask the court to decide on child support and custody and hold your spouse to the agreement.

An attorney that practices divorce law can benefit you when you decide to end your marriage. Your lawyer can make sure you get access to shared marital assets, have your maiden name restored, and petition the court for child custody and support.