What To Expect During Divorce Mediation

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What To Expect During Divorce Mediation

12 May 2021
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Will you be going through meditation soon for your divorce, but you really don't know what to expect? If so, it helps to know what techniques a mediator will use to move the process along.

They'll Use A Daily Agenda

Mediation is not going to take place over a single day since you'll likely need to come back several times to work out all your issues. That is why your mediator will use a daily agenda to map out what you will be doing that day. This will help in several ways that you may not realize. 

First of all, an agenda helps keep you on track during your session. It is very easy for people to get sidetracked and argue during mediation, and the mediator can help bring things back by telling you how you are getting away from the day's agenda. Second, the agenda helps you mentally prepare for what you will be dealing with and better allocate your time. It shows you what the mediator has been thinking about prior to your session and what they plan on working on.

They'll Start Off With Easy Issues

It is very common for a mediator to start out with easy issues that they know can be settled fairly quickly. This helps establish how well mediation can go since it won't seem like you are stuck on issues for too long before moving onto the next one. Having some success early on can help you feel confident that you'll have success during the harder issues to deal with as well.

They'll Lead Discussion

Your divorce mediator is going to be the person that leads the discussion that needs to take place during mediation. Ultimately, you need to be the one that makes the final decisions with your spouse during the mediation process, but the mediator is going to help get you there. They will help ask the right questions to bring up talking points and try to get you to work together as best as they can. Their goal is not to have issues be settled in a trial, but to wrap up all issues outside of the courtroom. Let your mediator lead the conversation to see where they take you since it can lead to a satisfying result where you have control of the outcome.

Reach out to a mediator in your area if you will soon be going through a divorce. 

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