What Do You Need To Obtain Alimony?

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What Do You Need To Obtain Alimony?

17 September 2019
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When a couple ends a marriage, one person may not have a solid financial standing. This situation is often seen when one parent stays home with the children, leaving the other to be the primary wage earner. In these cases, the spouse who does not currently work can request alimony. Here are some things you should know about the process:

How Can You Get Alimony?

When you ask for alimony, the court will evaluate a variety of factors. One consideration will be whether or not you have an actual need for the financial support from your spouse. The second consideration will be whether or not your spouse is actually able to make payments to you.

What Do You Need for Court?

Before you go to court to request alimony, you will need to bring several things with you. While the list of information is different and based on individual circumstances, there are some general items required in all cases.

One of the most important items you need is your financial history, which includes a list of expenses you have such as electricity bills, your grocery expenses, and personal care costs. If you have any sort of income, the court will need that information as well. If you have any financial information about your spouse, you can provide this as well, although you cannot do so if you obtained it without permission or in an illegal manner.

You also need to provide an employment history and your educational records if you have completed any form of college or post-secondary training. The court will also need to know how long you were married when they consider how much money you will receive through alimony. In many cases, a court does not allow you to receive alimony forever. However, if you had a lengthy marriage, you stand a chance of receiving alimony for a longer period of time.

How Is the Decision Made?

Ultimately, the court will look at your abilities to financially support yourself and a reasonable time period in which to do so. This will be different for everyone. If you work a full-time schedule and still cannot meet your basic financial needs, your spouse may have to continue payments for a long time until reevaluated by the court.

These are just a few factors to think about when you look at the possibility of getting alimony. If you need more information, be sure to speak to your alimony lawyer to see what information you need to provide.