3 Things Not To Do When Going Through A Divorce

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3 Things Not To Do When Going Through A Divorce

13 November 2018
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Getting a divorce is a life event that is stressful, emotional, and has lasting legal implications. Since it is such an emotional and stressful time for people, it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made. Unfortunately, making mistakes during a divorce proceeding can cause major problems that may be difficult or impossible to undo. One of the keys to going through a divorce without making mistakes is to be rational. Thinking things through before acting can make a big difference in the outcome of the divorce proceedings. If you are planning on filing for a divorce from your spouse, it's wise to avoid the following things:

Represent Yourself

One of the biggest, most crucial mistakes a person can make during a divorce is failing to retain a divorce lawyer and representing him or herself. There is a reason that a divorce lawyer needs years of education and training -- divorces are typically complex legal matters with many details that must be decided. If you do not hire a reputable divorce lawyer to represent your interests in a divorce, you will almost certainly regret it in the future, especially if your spouse has retained counsel. The best thing that you can do is hire a competent divorce lawyer before you even file for divorce.

Purposely Increase Debt

When you're angry with your spouse and ready to end the marriage, it can be tempting to run up the bills on any joint credit cards, or do something like take out an auto loan in both of your names. While this may make you feel a little bit better temporarily, it is one of the worst things that you can do, and running up debt purposely can cause you problems during the divorce proceedings. In many cases, if it can be proved that you increased joint debt on purpose just before the divorce, you may be forced to assume all of the debt, not split it with your spouse.

Involve Your Children in the Divorce

Divorces that involve shared minor children can be especially difficult for spouses to navigate. However, children should never be exposed to fighting, asked to pick sides, or used to communicate insults or rude remarks between parents. Even if you no longer love your spouse and want to legally end the marriage, it is essential to remember that your children love both of their parents. Involving your children in your divorce will only cause lasting emotional and psychological issues with your children, so do your best to shield them from the negative aspects of your divorce.