Getting Divorced? Here Are 3 Things To Consider When Hiring An Attorney To Represent You

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Getting Divorced? Here Are 3 Things To Consider When Hiring An Attorney To Represent You

28 September 2018
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Getting divorced doesn't have to be complicated if you have the right lawyer representing you throughout the process. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a divorce attorney to work with:

Service Specialties

It's a good idea to consider whether you can get the representation you need from a general divorce lawyer or if you should hire a lawyer that specializes in a specific area of family law. For instance, if you have children with special needs that are being seriously affected by your divorce, you may want to find a lawyer to work with who focuses their practice on things like child support and custody.

If you want to protect a family trust, you might want to work with a lawyer who specializes in the financial matters of divorce. If you expect a straight-forward divorce, a general divorce lawyer will probably suffice. Make sure you know exactly what your unique needs are before hiring a lawyer so you know what kinds of specializations they should have, if any.

Access to Resources

Another consideration to make when hiring a divorce lawyer is the types of resources they can provide you with. Your lawyer should be able to recommend family therapists, support groups, and other services that you might need throughout your divorce proceedings so you don't have to go looking for third-party service providers yourself.

And if you need help figuring out how to pay your legal bills, your lawyer should be able to provide you with financing options whether in-house or through a trusted lender that they already have a working relationship with. Ask a prospective lawyer what kind of resources they can provide you with access to before hiring them so you can be sure that you'll have the support you need as your divorce unfolds.

Service Availability

You should also make sure that the divorce lawyer you hire will have the time and attention needed to properly represent your case. If the lawyer you decide to work is already working with several other clients, chances are that they won't be able to focus on your case as intensely as you'd expect them to.

You might end up waiting days for a return phone call or wondering why you haven't received an update on your case lately. Make sure that the lawyer you hire isn't too booked up to schedule weekly in-person meetings with you. And they should be able to commit to returning your phone calls and emails within just a day or two.

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