How Can A Family Lawyer Help With Giving A Baby Up For Adoption?

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How Can A Family Lawyer Help With Giving A Baby Up For Adoption?

5 May 2015
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If your son or daughter is a teenager who is expecting a child and is considering adoption, they may need your permission to do so. They will also need the permission of the other parent and to learn about the different types of adoption. In addition, it is important to note that birth parents can choose adoptive parents for their baby from any state in the U.S. A family lawyer will be able to arrange for a fair and legal adoption, which often includes the adoptive parents paying for the birth parent's medical care.

Does Your Child Need Your Consent To Give The Baby Up?

Currently, 35 states allow a pregnant teenager and the father of the baby to determine what is best for the baby and therefore, your consent is not needed. The remaining 15 states put limitations on options for teens choosing adoption. However, they might be able to make decisions anyway without your consent. For instance, they might be able to get a court order that overrules your opinion

Types Of Adoption

The typical choices for adoption today include both closed and open adoptions. A closed adoption was almost the only choice for many years and resulted in birth parents having no contact or knowledge of their child after giving it up. That could be a problem if the child later developed health problems.

Understanding Closed Adoption

A closed adoption provides no information, exchange of photos or life updates between the birth parents and adoptive parents. It is not unusual for birth parents who have told few people about the pregnancy to choose a closed adoption.

It can seem like a more final decision. Your family lawyer will be able to explain the details that are applicable in your state. If the adoptive and birth parents agree, an exchange of limited information about the birth family's medical history and physical descriptions may be provided.

Facts About Open Adoptions

Open adoptions are a popular choice today, often due to the following reasons:

  • Birth parents can request updates and photos of the child

  • The child will usually grow up knowing they are adopted, because it will not be a big secret

  • Birth parents can get to know the adoptive parents during the pregnancy, so they may feel more comfortable giving the baby to them 

There are also varying types of open adoption. For example, semi-open allows some information to be shared between the families, but a face-to-face meeting may not occur. When choosing open adoption, the birth parents can work with the couple they choose to make an arrangement for information sharing and meeting that everyone is happy with.

In conclusion, a family lawyer can walk you through the necessary steps that are necessary for adoption. When your minor child is not ready to parent, adoption is a good choice and a family lawyer can work with your family to give the baby a new home and family.